About Us

our Vision

To provide a suitable and professionally packaged new Early Childhood Montessori Education whereby children of diverse background could be empowered.

our Mission

To partner with the government in the quest to provide comprehensive, affordable and qualitative as well as quantitative education to all children, irrespective of their background or social status.

About Us

The divine vision for the establishment of this Great Citadel of Learning that have continued to dominate, influence as well as revolutionize our educational and academic landscape was revealed on January 1, 2012. We began to pray as well as take conscious necessary steps towards the actualization of the vision. To the Glory of God, it has been five years of diverse testimonies of academic exploits of our pupils and population explosion. We sincerely appreciate our parents for their numerous steadfastness, support and belief in the vision. To my Little Angels, we will continue to evolve policies and programmes that will facilitate the discovery and development of your individual skills and potentials. LAMS has acquired an enviable reputation as one of the best and prominent Nursery and Primary Schools not only in Imo State but beyond, with all sense of humility.